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Only 38 percent of CEOs are confident in their team’s ability to execute on their company’s growth strategy

- Q3 2023 research from Sales Benchmark Index

That means that 62—the majority—are not! And CEO confidence has fallen since Q1, when 45 percent said they were confident in their team’s ability to execute.

What’s causing this confidence gap?

Three things: the breathtaking unknown of the digital imperative, the advanced technologies made possible by it, and buyers’ thirst for a digitally driven sales process. Call it virtual, inside, or hybrid selling—all selling is now digital selling. Companies that don’t fully embrace the opportunities that digital presents—or worse, ignore this reality and don’t think and act “digital first”—risk being left behind.

When faced with the unknown, many teams, with the very best of intentions, turn to an internet full of “best practices”—which are often just somebody else’s best guesses.

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But revenue doesn’t grow on opinions

In 2024, leaders must train and enable teams to execute under changing conditions. Teams must be prepared to win critical conversations—when, where, and how digital-minded buyers want to have them.

And, to regain the confidence of the C-suite, sales organizations need an aligned and systematic approach: the right skills, messages, and technology that put digital-first buyers squarely at the center.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at the world’s largest gathering of digital-first sales leaders for the past 15 years and counting.*

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*Before it was called DigitalNow Revenue Summit, it was AA-ISP’s annual Leadership Summit.

DigitalNow Revenue Summit 2024 is the event to attend for:

Digital transformation case studies from companies across industries

World debut of Emblaze neuroscience and behavioral research, plus the latest thought leadership, trend analysis, and benchmarking

Interactive workshops and breakout sessions to turn research into practical guidelines for day-to-day action

Digital technology Expo, complete with demos and Q&A

Skills, messages, frameworks, and tech that make a measurable difference in your ability to execute

Networking opportunities galore with revenue growth professionals from all industries

Expand your network

DigitalNow Revenue Summit brings together B2B leaders who are responsible for teams driving revenue digitally, including sales; enablement and operations, and customer success. Attendees represent a variety of roles, including:


C-Level, VP, Director, Manager


Sales, customer success, enablement, revenue operations, sales training, demand generation, and marketing


Digital sales, inside sales, field sales, channel and distribution sales, technical sales, account executive, account manager, pre-sales development, SDR/BDR


Software, business services, IT/technology, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, transportation, telecommunications, education, insurance, and others

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  • Amazing community of leaders who are very engaged and I LOVE the science-backed research.

    — DigitalNow Revenue
    Summit Attendee

  • I would strongly recommend this event as a great opportunity to gain both understanding of challenges in the market as well as a great chance to build a network with the excellent attendees.

    — DigitalNow Revenue
    Summit Attendee

  • A pure sales event where you see case studies from other companies, validate your strategy with peers from other industries, meet new sales leader friends, and learn new strategies that keep you ahead of your competition.

    — DigitalNow Revenue
    Summit Attendee

Get first access to the latest, exclusive sales research

You can look forward to the world debut of original B2B neuroscience, behavioral, and field trial research from Emblaze, including:

Your buyer’s brain on AI

If you’re like most companies, you’re probably so busy figuring out how to use AI to reach your buyer that you’re overlooking something critical: How is your buyer using AI to research you? New studies will dive into questions around the forgotten aspect of AI usage in the sales process.

The cringe effect

If you have a young person in your life, you’re probably familiar with the saying, “That’s so cringe.” While the way people use the word has evolved over the years, the sentiment is the same. You’ll see new research exploring what creates “cringe” during a sales call, what’s the impact on buyers, and how you can recover.

AI-created content vs. human-created content

Everyone is wondering, so how good are those AI-generated presentations? Good enough to win over my buyer? You’ll see how the B2B buyer’s brain responds to both as we roll out new research.

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8 tracks to light up your revenue growth

Drive a digital-first sales transformation with AI
  • Prioritize digital technologies, strategies, and digital-first buyer experiences in all aspects of your growth strategy—starting with a fundamental shift in mindset and operations
  • Leverage the power of digital technology to drive growth, innovation, and efficiency throughout your commercial organization
Optimize your tech stack and harness AI
  • Align cross-functionally with digital technologies that break down silos and promote collaboration and data transparency
  • Implement automation and AI to streamline processes, enhance customer service, and reduce operational costs
Engage digital buyers
  • Understand buyer preferences, behaviors, and needs and tailor digital experiences to meet those requirements
  • Offer buyers multiple ways to engage and interact with your organization and continuously optimize your channel mix
Increase new business win rates
  • Leverage buyer feedback for product positioning and coaching
  • Use buyer feedback to improve customer acquisition and retention
Find and retain top talent in 2024
  • Hear perspectives on how the talent market is shifting and get strategies to thrive
  • Establish an inclusive culture
Train and enable sellers in the flow of work
  • Build “just-in-time” situational fluency with enablement in the flow of work
  • Uncover sales behaviors that cause you to win or lose deals
Lead and coach teams
  • Develop the next generation of leaders with research delving into sellers’ coaching receptivity: manager, customer, or peers
  • Use proven coaching concepts to increase performance in eight predictive areas that cause you to win or lose deals
Keep and grow customers
  • Learn science-backed messaging frameworks for customer retention and expansion
  • Get research-based strategies for enabling teams to engage executive decision makers

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Share your expertise at DigitalNow

You’ve probably had a moment or two like this in your own career: A leader takes the stage to share their story of working through a tough challenge with their team or finessing change management using a technique you’d like to try. You think to yourself, That’s awfully inspiring. And then you take that inspiration and create a similar impact in your organization, your way.

Keep the virtuous cycle going by volunteering to speak on a panel or present your team’s case study at DigitalNow Revenue Summit 2024.

“The ideal event to bring your whole team to as a leadership offsite…”

— DigitalNow Revenue Summit Attendee

For years, Emblaze (formerly AA-ISP) members have used the Summit to gather their management team to align on strategy, build skills, create culture, and gain broader perspective. Top companies make DigitalNow Revenue Summit the centerpiece of their leadership offsites to this day—you should plan your 2024 offsite at DigitalNow, too.

Expect to be wowed in the Expo

An unmissable part of your DigitalNow experience is the robust tool, technology, and services Expo. Get up close and hands-on with the latest and greatest digital offerings to support your revenue growth strategy and execution. You’ll get to have 1:1 conversations with the people behind these technologies so you can get your questions answered in real time.

Become a sponsor

DigitalNow Revenue Summit draws attendees from every industry who are top B2B leaders responsible for revenue-driving teams. Join us to show how your solutions are helping organizations transform to meet the digital-first requirements of buyers and sales teams. Sponsorship of the DigitalNow Revenue Summit offers different levels of accessibility and commitment based on the goals of your organization.

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