Using the Master Sales Leadership training program alongside Emblaze peer insights, research-based toolkits, and access to expert advisors, learn how to:

With your Emblaze membership, you have access to Master Sales Leadership. With this online course, leaders will learn how to apply science-based leadership skills, techniques, and processes to amplify their impact and multiply results across their teams.

Amplify Team

Increase Your Return on Sales Leadership

  • Prioritize high leverage activities
  • Prioritize high leverage accounts and opportunities
  • Act early
  • Develop your team
  • Optimize your time

Optimize Your Team

  • Identify your team type
  • Identify your leadership style
  • Adopt the right leadership style for your team
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Lead team training
  • Lead team meetings

Master Coaching

  • Use coaching to improve performance
  • Prioritize who and what to coach
  • Adopt the right coaching strategy

Optimize Revenue

Build Consistency and Accuracy

  • Analyze your pipeline
  • Coach pipeline
  • Improve forecast accuracy

Drive Sales Performance

  • Select your Top X
  • Coach Top X accounts
  • Co-sell or coach?
  • Co-sell and coach Top X opportunities
  • Finalize your cadence

Following the coursework, leaders can earn certification by implementing coaching strategies they’ve learned. Putting into action the coaching conversation planner, leaders record their coaching session and submit the recording along with the completed planner for fluency review.

To add certification to your Master Sales Leadership coursework, contact Emblaze.

Looking for Sales Rep Training?

Get the science-backed strategies to win your most critical sales conversations. In this e-book, you’ll discover the science-backed techniques you need to win all five Value Conversations:


Initiate Value™

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Elevate Value®

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Create Value®

Disrupt the status quo and differentiate your solutions.


Capture Value®

Manage pricing tension and drive consensus to increase profitability.


Expand Value®

Reinforce your relationship to keep and grow existing customer revenue.

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