We are all in need of refreshing ways to boost ourselves and others in this current climate and beyond.  

Resiliency is not something you are born with, more so a wonderful and powerful process to find ways for those to be balanced individuals.   

Not only can this help your organization and it's members, but it can also potentially save lives with positive and wonderful ways to "Boost Up" one's morale!  

Please join Chief Master Sergeant John "JC" Chacon, Janelle Cronk, Co-Founder of UNCrushed, and Richard Harris, UNCrushed Board Member, as they take us on a guided journey and exercise on building resilience in yourself, your family, your friends, and your team.


What you will learn: 

The four domains are the areas of a person’s life that capture the totality of how they experience and relate to others and themselves, and being fit across the four domains will lead to a more resilient individual.


Who should watch:

Not a "Sales Only" event. Reps, Managers, Directors, Exec Level, and anyone else who wants to gain a deeper understanding.



Explore UNCrushed here. 


Connect with the Speakers:

Chief Master Sergeant John "JC" Chacon
Janelle Cronk
Richard Harris

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Digital selling techniques , Leadership and coaching


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