Whether it’s communicating with customers or team members, your ability to connect with another person is a critical determining factor of a successful outcome. So much of relationship building, selling and communication happens during the first few seconds of interaction, and in a remote work environment, those initial moments are even more pivotal. 

Understanding and adapting to different Behavior Styles is key to building trust and rapport with your customers and colleagues, something that is not only more challenging when you’re interacting from a distance, it’s also more critical in potentially stressful situations.

In this session, you’ll learn the secrets of maximizing this most powerful asset you have as an inside salesperson or a leader: your ability to connect better with others. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How you may be unknowingly putting obstacles in the way of making meaningful connections
  • The strengths and challenges of each Behavior Style
  • How expertly using Behavior Styles deepens customer engagement and leads to new business
  • How to quickly recognize Styles — yours and theirs — and adapt accordingly


Who Should Watch

Inside Sales Reps, Sales Mangers, AEs, Sales VPs, Sales Ops VPs, CROs, SDR/BDR leaders and reps are encouraged to view the replay!


Additional Resource:

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Infographic: Coaching to Behavior Styles


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