In the past, conventional wisdom was that B2B buyers followed a linear, predictable, and controlled funnel—from awareness to consideration to purchase and then advocacy.

Post-pandemic, the buyer’s journey could not be less predictable. They’re doing research, forming opinions, and narrowing options at their own pace. And they’re using digital channels with nearly equal frequency as they contact your sellers.

None of these digital interactions—with your content or with your sellers—happen in a linear order.

Buyers want and prefer digital buying experiences, but most companies are lagging behind. Where should you start in your digital transformation journey?

In this e-book, you’ll see how one Fortune 500 company moved from a primarily field selling to a digital selling model, what lessons they learned, and the staggering results of their digital sales transformation.

Based on field-tested techniques and principles, you’ll learn how to:

  • Modernize your infrastructure to increase efficiency, improve analysis, and support the digital sales process.

  • Evolve your teams with specialized digital talent and an organizational structure built for digital buying experiences.

  • Enable winning digital conversations by equipping your teams with the skills, content, and tools to spark more productive and profitable sales conversations.


Digital sales transformation


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