Think of a new person you met recently.

Without your awareness, the moment you saw that person, your brain instantly questioned whether you met a friend or foe. And that person had the same reaction about you!

Forming first impressions is ubiquitous and irresistible. So how do you ensure you’re projecting a good first impression, especially if you meet business prospects virtually? What are some dos and don’ts of the social inferences people make all the time?

Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), partnered with Zoom to research what techniques lead to optimal first impressions.

Join this webinar to learn neuroscience-based insights and guidelines related to:

  • Why people form first impressions and why you only have one chance at a good one.
  • The two universal dimensions of social signals you can use when you meet someone new.
  • Four techniques to positively impact first impressions in every virtual interaction.


Digital selling techniques , Customer acquisition


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