For decades, the buying process was linear, predictable, controlled, and every seller knew how to generate and manage revenue.

Fast forward to 2023, where two out of three buyers prefer to be sold to digitally and modern sellers must adjust to a new world of app-like experiences, conveniences brought on by the Amazon effect, less loyalty, more decision-makers, and faster ROI.

Companies can’t afford the long timelines and often-disappointing business returns that have hampered large-scale digital transformation projects of the past, especially now.

Instead, they’re deploying a digital-first approach along a proven path. 

In this webinar with Frank Pinder, EVP of Digital Transformation at Corporate Visions and Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), you’ll see a real-world case study for successful sales transformation. Based on research-backed principles and field-tested techniques, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine what specialized skills, new roles, and new KPIs are mandatory across the digital sales process.
  • Accelerate activation by configuring solution-specific sales plays across all sales motions, including acquisitions, renewals, expansions, and win-backs.
  • Install a best-in-class tech stack optimized for digital customer engagement throughout your regional and global sales community.


Digital sales transformation , Technology stack


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