In today’s dynamic business landscape, the focus on sales enablement for B2B organizations has become increasingly vital. Whether you’re already equipped with a dedicated enablement team or considering enablement initiatives within your company, understanding the evolving nature of enablement, strategic best practices, and securing executive buy-in are crucial.  

Here to unpack this with is special guest, Chris Kingman, the Global Head of Digital Sales Enablement at TransUnion. Together, we’ll dive into the world of sales enablement, exploring its transformative journey, how to kickstart your own enablement function, and the pivotal role it plays in driving growth. 

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About Chris Kingman

Chris Kingman is currently the Global Head of Digital Enablement at TransUnion. A proven practitioner and leader, Chris has accomplished a lot in his 12+ years in enablement, including being a founding member and board member for the Sales Enablement Society, an active member on Emblaze Sales Transformation Board, as well as an accomplished writer, advisor, mentor, and freelance Enablement consultant. Chris’s expertise include inside sales strategy and support, training and development, sales technology and social media.

The Sales Intelligence Weekly podcast covers topics focused on helping sales and marketing leaders improve sales experience, increase win rates, and elevate sales enablement. Interested in being a guest? Contact us for more information.


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