Selling is constantly marked by a hunger for authenticity. After all, who doesn’t appreciate an authentic buyer-seller relationship?  

But it’s not so clear, scientifically, what it means for someone to be perceived as authentic.  

Are you more authentic when you speak your mind because you value being yourself or when you’re choosing not to say what’s on your mind because you value kindness and politeness? 

There is a debate in the science of authenticity: on one hand, authenticity happens when acting in informal, often non-conformist ways. On the other hand, it can happen when acting in formal, socially desirable ways. 

In this webinar, Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions, shares her latest research on how buyers perceive sellers’ authenticity in virtual contexts.  

During this session, you will learn practical guidelines related to these questions: 

  • What language is most effective—formal language, free of any style and personality, or informal language, marked by temperament and even cursing?  
  • Which clothing style has a stronger impact—informal, business casual, or formal attire?  
  • Which presentation modality do buyers appreciate more—formal slides, informal hand drawings, or something in between? 


Memorable messaging and marketing , Customer acquisition


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