Persuasion is pervasive, and harnessing its power can help an organization achieve meaningful goals.

The words and pictures you share with buyers have a substantial impact on how persuasive your presentations are.

But how do you know you’re selecting just the right ones?

In this Research Unwrapped webinar replay, Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Emblaze, shares her most recent neuroscience research on persuasive words and images. The research examines existing communication habits and reveals practical answers to relevant questions, such as: 

  • If you use the most current business jargon, does your message come across as smart and sophisticated or empty and insincere?

  • Is it worthwhile to share original pictures in your collateral, or does the brain find comfort in the cliché?

  • If you use one consistent theme across your messages, does it make your communication coherent or boring?

  • What type of emotion is most effective for persuasion, and how much of it is necessary to influence others? Is there such thing as too much emotion in business content?

While you're at it, get practical guidelines from Dr. Carmen Simon to apply the research to your day-to-day in this checklist.


Digital sales transformation , Memorable messaging and marketing


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