New research shows that AI is a viable coaching tool in sales training—and it’s illuminated the dynamic interplay between technology and human cognition.

Using AI where it makes sense can not only enhance seller performance but also enrich the experience of learning and growth.

But when should you rely on AI for coaching? And when would a human coach be more beneficial?

In this checklist, you’ll see how to make sure your human or AI coach has the most impact.

You’ll learn:

  • Whether a human or AI coach is better for role play
  • How to think about delivering feedback
  • How sellers perceive feedback from expert vs. novice coaches

Like this checklist? With an Emblaze membership, you can go deeper with the full research report.

Watch the replay of Dr. Carmen Simon and Tim Riesterer walking through the research for Corporate Visions.


AI for sales , Leadership and coaching , Technology stack


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