The B2B buying journey has become increasingly self-guided. Buyers aren’t reaching out to sales to guide their decisions—they’re doing their own research, comparing vendors, and narrowing their options using all the content available online.

Many sellers assume that since the buyer has done some research, they’re already confident in the problem they’re trying to solve. So, these sellers approach discovery from a solution-fit frame of mind—asking a few light questions to surface identified needs, and then introducing a product to match those needs.

This is by far the most popular approach, but is it the most effective?

In this research brief, you’ll get the results of a behavioral study designed to answer that question. The findings offer key insights that answer these questions about the discovery process:

  • Are your sellers and buyers aligned on what the buyers’ problems actually are?
  • How should sellers approach asking discovery questions to determine their buyer’s problems?
  • Is focusing on solving your seller’s stated needs enough to win the sale?


Prospecting and pipeline creation


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