Sixty-six percent of sellers say they're overwhelmed by too many tools, according to data from Salesforce. With the escalation of AI and other advancements to sales technology in 2023, it's fair to say that sales teams have never had more options to select from to enhance their sales process.

As a leader, you’re probably asking yourself: are more complex tools necessarily better?

In this Idea Exchange conversation replay moderated by Rick Smith, Chief Revenue Officer at Conquer, you’ll hear four enterprise sales leaders unpack the topic of complexity in sales and reveal the most impactful tools in their organizations' technology stack.

You'll hear from:

Aaron Brodsky, Associate VP, Sales Enablement, Hibu
Eric Bruder, Director, Worldwide Sales Operations, ADP
Doug Gibbs, Senior Manager of Inside Sales, Waste Management
Justin Linnell, VP, Inside Sales, Hibu

Listen in and absorb how you can:

  • Identify (and solve) critical points of friction in the sales motion

  • Enable scalability with a consistent, repeatable sales process

  • Keep your sellers in a state of flow
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