Learn the language of persuasion 

Business professionals aim to craft persuasive messages that capture attention and engage emotion. However, you might be wondering how specific tools, such as word choice, affect your persuasive power. 

A lot of industry advice encourages sellers to “use emotion” and “avoid jargon.” But that advice lacks nuance—and it’s not backed by any rigor. It’s also often too vague, especially in B2B content. Current industry opinions attest that jargon is a barrier to clear communication, as it can be unnecessarily complex, meaningless, and even manipulative. Is that true? 

In this report, you’ll see new findings from neuroscience research that provide concrete, evidence-based guidance for impactful word choices. By understanding the precise impact of language on attention, emotion, and comprehension, you can equip your teams with scientific recommendations for more persuasive messaging. 

Get this report to learn how you can: 

  • Tailor your words for persuasive impact 
  • Use familiar phrases strategically 
  • Balance emotional words judiciously 


Digital selling techniques , Memorable messaging and marketing


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