While everyone is buzzing about how AI is going to change the sales process, few leaders are paying attention to a critical and interesting use case: how AI is going to change procurement.

Dr. Leff Bonney, Co-Founder and Research Director at Florida State University Sales Institute, and Research Director at Emblaze, conducted a study with over 900 senior-level purchasing professionals to find out how they're using AI currently, and how and where they plan to use it in the near future.

Download the survey results infographic to find out:

  • How big a part of the procurement process is AI currently, and where is the trend going?
  • What, specifically, are purchasing professionals using AI to analyze?
  • How is AI being used to evaluate potential vendors?
  • In what areas of procurement will AI become even more prominent over the next 12-24 months?
  • Which purchasing metrics will be most impacted by AI tools?
  • What are the biggest roadblocks today to integrating AI tools in purchasing?
  • What will be the most disruptive aspects of AI use in the procurement function?
  • What implications do the answers to these questions hold for sales teams?

Watch Dr. Leff Bonney walk through and provide context around the study results in this Research Unwrapped webinar replay!


Technology stack , Customer acquisition


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