Is Emotional Intelligence (EI) mere rhetoric or the unsung hero of sales in the age of automation?  

Often overshadowed by more tangible and quantifiable hard skills, EI, measured through Emotional Quotient (EQ), might just be the key to success in a modern sales world where the line between human and machine-driven interactions blurs.  

As academic research on EQ in sales remains scarce, this webinar offers valuable insights into a skill that’s often associated with exceptional outcomes but rarely studieduntil now.  

In this Research Unwrapped replay, you'll see Dr. Leff Bonney, Founder and Research Director at FSU Sales Institute and Distinguished Research Partner at Emblaze, and Sylvain Tremblay, Chief Revenue Officer at Uniphore, explore the profound impact of EQ in sales and discover how they sought to answer these four critical questions:  

  • Does EQ produce better sales meeting outcomes?  
  • Does EQ result in more deals and opportunities? 
  • Does EQ enhance sellers’ problem understanding? 
  • Do high-EQ sellers outperform low-EQ peers? 

After you watch the webinar, download the research report, Emotional intelligence in sales: Fluff or the future?


AI for sales , Digital selling techniques , Customer acquisition , Customer expansion


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