Any seller who closes a big deal deserves celebration. But truly standout sellers are those who win not only signatures on contracts, but buyers’ hearts and minds. 

What makes these sellers so good? Typically, it’s high Emotional Intelligence (EI), a crucial—yet often overlooked—soft skill. EI is measured through Emotional Quotient, or EQ.  

Sales professionals with high EQ can better empathize with buyers, read their needs, and tailor their approach accordingly, leading to more successful in-person and digital interactions and long-term relationships.  

EI hasn’t gotten as much attention as it deserves because it’s often overshadowed by more tangible hard skills, like product knowledge or negotiation tactics. However, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, EI is emerging as a quintessential skill that can set top performers apart from the rest.  

In this report, you’ll get new research from Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at Emblaze, in partnership with Uniphore. Based on the findings, you’ll see how to:  

  • Accelerate your skills. Learn how to use EQ to boost the success of a sales conversation and unleash quantifiable value.  
  • Better understand buyers. Find out how EQ reflects an alignment (or misalignment) between seller and buyer.  
  • Differentiate from the competition. See the three skills that distinguish top sellers from their peers and what EQ has to do with being different and memorable. 

After you download the report, watch Leff and Sylvain walk through the research. Watch the Research Unwrapped webinar replay, EQ in sales: Fluff or the future?, on-demand.


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